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timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION Day and Night Complex contains nutrients that have been exclusively derived from premium products such as green tea tips (white tea), barley grass and wheatgrass, algae, grape seeds, shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes and marigold – which are then combined according to a precise scientific formula in the laboratory. To ensure a particularly high concentration of nutrients, we only use green tea tips, barley grass and wheatgrass that have been exclusively grown for timeblock® at altitudes of up to 3,000 meters.

Two capsules a day are enough. Take one timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION Day Complex capsule for energy and radiance throughout the day, and one timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION Night Complex capsule in the evening for rest and regeneration during the night. Take with sufficient liquids before your meal. It is recommended that you take timeblock® over an extended period, so that the supply of vitamins and minerals to the body remains constant.


For the past 20 years, our laboratory teams in Switzerland have been developing innovative biotechnological processes that can decrypt the secrets of Mother Nature so that we can put these to good use. A particularly gentle lyophilisation process has been specially developed for timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION to enable us to further optimise the concentration of nutrients in the Day and Night Complex.

This method of freeze-drying, which is also used for an astronaut’s daily food when in space, ensures that virtually no nutrients or secondary plant compounds are lost and that every timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION capsule is packed with the pure power of nature. Just two capsules a day will provide enough for the whole body.


The evidence-based Day and Night Complex from timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION is a revolutionary kind of dietary supplement. The capsules supply the body with plant extracts, vitamins and minerals to support vital bodily functions.

Throughout the day, timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION nutrients provide energy, radiance and protection against negative environmental influences. At night, you help your body benefit from a healthy, restful sleep, providing it with the strength it needs to face the challenges of the day ahead. It is recommended that you take timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION over an extended period so that the supply of vitamins and minerals to the body remains constant.


Vital Aging
Nutrition Day


Vital Aging
Nutrition Night


Vital Aging

The recommended daily dosage is the equivalent to

5.95 kg raw plant-foods and 3 liters of green tea.

3 l green tea | 2,5 kg shiitake mushrooms | 2 kg wheat grass | 700 g algae | 450 g tomatoes | 300 g grape seeds

Brown algae (polyphenol)
Barley grass (folic acid)
Green tea (EGCG)
Shiitake (vitamin D3)
Marigold (zeaxanthin, lutein)
Tomato (lycopene)
Grape seeds (polyphenols)
Wheatgrass (tocotrienole)

timeblock® is a true fountain of youth, which improves the quality of life. You feel better, sleep better, look better, perform better ... What more do you want?

Viktoria Lauterbach

Immune system

timeblock® in the news:


Beautyfood on the highest level. timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION is a tailor-made anti-ageing nutrient complex that provides cells with the optimum support for regeneration. It slows down the ageing process right where the process begins – in the DNA – and preserves the fresh, youthful appearance of the skin and body.

BEAUTYFOOD on the highest level.

Thanks to a high dosage of plant-derived nutrients, the daily use of timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION helps contribute to a feeling of well-being from the inside out. The holistic timeblock® formula has been developed over many years of international research. timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION was successfully launched in 2016 and is distributed by beauty clinics and doctors throughout the world – beauty food at its best.


timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION is a tailor-made anti-ageing nutrient complex that provides cells with the optimum support for regeneration. timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION slows down the ageing process right where the process begins – in the DNA – and preserves the fresh, youthful appearance of the skin and body.



  • helps to minimise the biological ageing process,
  • supports the DNA repair processes,
  • vitalises the cells and protects them from oxidative stress,
  • supports the immune system,
  • reduces tiredness and fatigue,
  • and minimises aches in joints and muscles.

The plant-based nutrients used are specially cultivated in biological conditions in selected regions around the world at elevations of more than 3,000 metres, with Tibet the primary region of cultivation. The basic requirement for optimal plant-based nutrients is fertile, deep soils with the ideal pH value and low CO2 content in the air. A gentle lyophilisation process has been specially developed to optimise the accumulation of nutrients. The result is a concentration of active ingredients that is up to ten times higher.

Telomeres function like a clock integrated into each cell, variably showing the expected lifespan. They become a little shorter with every cell division, with the cell dying after around 50 divisions. The length of the telomere is an indicator of the aging process. The telomerase enzyme protects again constant shortening by lengthening the telomeres and helping to delay the biological aging process. The plant compounds in timeblock® have apositive impact on telomerase.

Independent study confirms: timeblock® lengthens telomeres by around 17 per cent.

Director of studies:
Dr. Alexander Haslberger, Universität Wien, Department of Nutritional sciences


QUOTE (translated from German): When it comes to efficacy, the Swiss refer to a study conducted by the University of Vienna. After examination of 110 participants aged 31 to 76, Director of Studies Alexander Haslberger came to the conclusion that the tablets, based on our ‘results, have been proven to reduce biological age’. The basis for this statement was observations that parts of key gene sequences, the telomeres, had lengthened by around 17 per cent. ‘That’s an astonishing reduction in biological age that we’d never been able to document,’ says the expert.


Source: DONNA, Ausgabe 08/2018

Nutrients and their effects

Energy metabolism

Vitamins B6 + B12, biotin, pantothenic acid

Nerve system

Thiamine, niacin, vitamin B12






Biotin, niacin, zinc



Hormone activity

Vitamin B6

Protection of cells from oxidative stress

Tocopherol-Tocotrienol, selenium

Bones + muscles




Immune system


Cell division

Vitamin B12, zinc



Further nutrients

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), polyphenols, proanthocyanidins, zeaxanthin/lutein, lycopene


timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION – Telomer Complex DAY

WHEAT GRASS EXTRACT 150 mg (6 mg tocotrienols)

GREEN TEA EXTRACT 180 mg (90 mg epigallocatechin gallate)

BARLEY GRASS EXTRACT 300 mg (600 mcg folic acid)

Vitamin B 6 (4,2 mg), Vitamin B 12 (7,5 mcg), Selenium (55 mcg), Zinc (10 mg)

timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION – Telomer Complex Night

ALGAE EXTRACT 100 mg (brown algae polyphenols 60%)

GRAPE SEED EXTRACT 60 mg (95% proanthocyanidin, 65% OPC)

MARIGOLD EXTRACT 50 mg (2 mg zeaxanthin, 10 mg lutein)

TOMATO EXTRACT 200 mg (10 mg lycopene)

WHEAT GRASS EXTRACT 150 mg (6 mg tocotrienols)

SHIITAKE EXTRACT 250 mg (cholecalciferol)

Coenzyme Q 10 (30 mg), vitamin D 3, cholecalciferol (15 mcg), vitamin C (80 mg), vitamin B 1 (3.3 mg), vitamin B 2 (4.2 mg), niacin (48 mg), vitamin B 5 (18 mg), biotin (150 mcg), vitamin K (225 mcg), magnesium (375 mg)

About us

Who is Biosysteme AG?


Based in Allschwill, near Basel, Biosysteme AG and its associated companies benefit from more than 20 years of experience in research and development in the biological and biotechnological field. With an international network of researchers in Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Russia (the Urals), we ensure optimum efficiency, speed and innovation transfer in the development of new products and technologies, such as dietary supplements, pharmaceutical products, medical cosmetics and patented plant-derived active ingredients.

Juerg Schmid, Founder of Biosysteme AG

What is biotechnology?


Biotechnology involves the research into enzymes, cells and entire organisms in technological applications – combining and using knowledge from the fields of microbiology, biochemistry (chemistry), molecular biology, genetics and bioinformatics. This enables us to learn about the ageing process – the findings of which play an essential role in the development of our ingredients.

What is the philosophy behind timeblock?


The timeblock® brand positions itself on the precious feeling of well-being – a positive, perfectly balanced state of physical and mental well-being. This is characterised by a high level of vitality and productivity, as well as radiance, brought about by the body’s energy and efficient metabolic processes. timeblock® helps users to be a little more ‘themselves’ (balance), to feel more beautiful (self-esteem), to do themselves a good turn (indulgence, reward), to enjoy every period/moment in their life (acceptance, sensuality, pleasure). timeblock® users invest the luxury of time for the most important thing in life – themselves!