It all began with Dan Buettner, who wrote a book titled The Blue Zones. A report about regions (‘blue zones’, the inspiration for the book title) in which people have a much higher life expectancy. In his book, Buettner pondered a variety of questions: What makes these people different from everyone else? What does their lifestyle look like? And what can you learn from them? The book became a New York Times best-seller. Buettner founded a company called Blue Zone and thus laid the foundation for the timeblock® brand, which is now primarily known for its beauty and anti-aging products.


To uncover the secrets of the people who live a long and healthy life in blue zones, their eating habits were examined – and thus the local flora. More than 110 different plant compounds thus found their way into the laboratory of Sendai University in Japan. What researchers discovered was astonishing: plants such as barley grass, which grow at especially pure elevations inside the blue zones, contained a much higher concentration of highly effective substances. Substances that have the potential to prevent cancer. And some that more intensively regenerate cells than anything else previously discovered. One of the reasons that the people in the blue zones lead such long and healthy lives had been identified. But now the idea was to put this knowledge to use.


The discovery of the blue zone plants and their extraordinary substances ultimately led to the founding of timeblock®, a Swiss brand dedicated to the topic of vital aging. This was followed by the development of timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION, a dietary supplement that, in addition to a great many health aspects, also boasts the positive ‘secondary effect’ of promoting younger-looking skin and beautiful hair and nails. The timeblock® COSMETICS series complemented the range and thus created a holistic beauty care series that does so much more than just moisturise. A range of products dedicated to applying the latest research findings – and eventually identifying the key to youth and health.