timeblock® Testimonial: Tina Stamps

Tina Stamps manages ÂMEFlore in Miami Beach, Florida. She says „I use the nutrition and I also use the skincare products. Which are great. So, on the skincare products, I saw a difference like right away. And I’m convinced that that product works, I see the results so it’s easy to recommend timeblock® to people and everybody in my field takes it.”

timeblock® Testimonial: Nicole Hilhorst

Nicole Hilhorst is a model and founder of a fashion business. Nicole is sharing how the combination of timeblock® NUTRITION and COSMETICS help her skin stay in perfect shape for her modelling job.

timeblock® Experteninterview: Annie Vinton

Annie Vinton, owner and facialist at Natural Face, UK, sharing her experiences with her clients using timeblock®.

timeblock® Expert interview: Prof. Dr. Johannes Huber

Prof. Dr. Johannes Huber, gynecologist and obstetrician, on menopause and age complaints, defense systems in plants and humans and the high concentration of EGCG in green tea.

timeblock® Expert interview: Dr. A. Haslberger

Dr. Alexander Haslberger from the Department of Nutritional Science at the University of Vienna on microbiology and epigenetics, the benefits of timeblock® NUTRITION, the special properties of plants from blue zones and the depth effect of Equol.

timeblock® Expert interview: Marc A. Weder

Marc A. Weder, pharmacist of Vesifact AG, on the development of timeblock®, soluble formulas and product quality.

timeblock® Expert interview: Prof. Dr. Kleine-Gunk

Prof. Dr. Bernd Kleine-Gunk, President of the German Society for Anti-Aging Medicine (GSAAM), on phytonutrients, molecular-level anti-aging and clinical trials with dramatic results.

timeblock® Expert interview: Patrick Kammer

Patrick Kammer, founder of Cosmeticolab AG, on active ingredients, the protection of active ingredients and the establishment of the laboratory.