WM: Anti Aging-Sensation timeblock® – what stands behind this?


Juerg Daniel Schmid, owner and manufacturer of timeblock®, in conversation with our editorial. We asked him exclusively about the genesis of the Swiss premium brand for anti-aging and have learned the scientific background.


WM: Hello Mr. Schmid. Nice that we have the opportunity to talk about your company today. What is timeblock®?


JDS: timeblock® is the first holistic nutricosmetic system whose research is based on the guideline of “evidence-based nutrition”. This means that everything is scientifically proven. The company is a part of the research group ‘Blue zones Research’ in Switzerland. The basics of our research go back to the twelfth century and cover everything between the most modern phytomedicine, DNA-analysis and traditional medicine and botanics. timeblock® originated from very extensive prevention research in Japan in 2008. At that time, more than 110 plant substances from special cultivation areas worldwide were examined for their preventive properties and rejuvenating effects. Five of these plant substances showed the enormous rejuvenating potential of skin aging. And also, very good preventive results. The starting point for timeblock®. The challenge now was to cultivate these special phytoceuticals. This was only possible in the Himalayas, where we still cultivate today. This is because grasses and plants cultivated in these remote regions produce special substances. Only there do they contain the active ingredients that are so important for our products. It is not only the altitude and climate that make the difference, but also factors such as soil composition, humidity and solar radiation. We have also started some test fields in Switzerland, but without success. We are currently testing new, potential growth areas in Bhutan, east of the Himalayas. If the results are positive, we plan to grow our timeblock® plants there next year as well.


WM: Are you from the beauty or food industry?


JDS: I started as a sculptor-designer. From there I first went into the world of finance. Since the late nineties, I have been working intensively with biogerontology and epigenetics. This led to the formation of the Blue zones Suisse research group. A group of renowned researchers in the field of vital agings.


WM: How did you come to create a brand for nutritional supplements and beauty care?


JDS: Initially we wanted to use our knowledge in the field of age research to create products just for ourselves. So, that we could master the next 60 years just as fresh and healthy we mastered the first 60 years. It was not planned to market these research results, although of course, the potential was there. Only later did the idea of launching this nutricosmetic concept under the name timeblock® come up.


WM: Translated, timeblock® means “to stop time”. Why did you decide on this brand name?


JDS: This is exactly what we want to achieve with the help of Mother Earth. To start healthy and fit into the second phase of life; into old age.


WM: So, you want to help people with your products to slow down the aging process in a natural way. You call this process “Vital Aging”. How much science is behind it?


JDS: Our nutriceutical concepts in the field of Vital Aging are all science-based. We work together with several renowned science centers and universities worldwide. For the timeblock® nutriceutical system all relevant studies were carried out at the University of Vienna. And have been published in renowned scientific journals.


WM: You addressed the “Blues Zones”. Why do the highly concentrated plants you use necessarily have to grow in these high regions of the world?


JDS: Blue Zones are areas where people reach a particularly high age. As early as 1998, our group looked at the eating habits of the population of Yuzurihara Japan, where the inhabitants were getting very old. And that with the best quality of life. We were fascinated by this and continued to search for special plant substances. Since then, we have continued to explore new, remote Blue Zone regions. Already many hundreds of years ago, healers such as Paracelsus or Hildegard von Bingen knew where they had to plant their special herbs to achieve the best effectiveness. Today we follow this knowledge with the most modern technologies. We achieve the high concentration of nutriceuticals in timeblock® through targeted cultivation at specially selected high altitudes and through processing with complicated bioprocesses and fermentations.


WM: The combination of “Blues Zones” and the intensive ingredients in your products ensures the rejuvenation of your products.


JDS: We know from our studies that taking timeblock® has an epigenetic effect by regenerating DNA. The timeblock® concept is a beauty from inside and out, the combination of NUTRITION and the COSMETICS care products.


WM: Could the effectiveness be confirmed by independent institutes or specialists?


JDS: All our studies were done at universities where we had no influence on the results. The data speak for themselves.


WM: For which type/skin type are the timeblock® products suitable?


JDS: timeblock® is a system that works the same for every skin type. Our active ingredients have an anti-wrinkle effect, minimize the size of the pores and provide an even, firm and radiant complexion with more elasticity. In combination with timeblock® NUTRITION this effect can even be increased.


WM: Please complete this sentence: timeblock® will in the next 3 years …


JDS: … always be adapted to scientific progress. To optimize everything, we have developed an analysis system especially for timeblock®, which is part of Geneometry.


WM: Thank you for this interview!




Date of publication: August 12, 2019

(Translated from German.)

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