Monsieur de la beauté


Juerg Daniel Schmid founded the company timeblock® and thus dedicated himself to the preservation and promotion of beauty. About his concept of vital aging, the benefits of epigenetics and the perfect combination to support beauty from inside and out.



You have been working in the beauty industry for many years and you deal with concepts such as beauty, radiance and mindful skincare on a daily basis. What does beauty mean to you personally?



I myself feel a woman to be beautiful when she feels comfortable in her body, is satisfied and is doing something for her beauty. But I also deal with studies on the subject of beauty. The “Beautycheck” study by researchers from Regensburg shows, for example, that women consider flawless skin and well-groomed lips to be beautiful. In addition, the “childhood scheme” plays an important role. According to the study, childlike elements combined with certain characteristics of maturity appear particularly attractive. And according to a study by the University of Exeter in England, beauty obeys certain laws. This experiment showed, among other things, that new-borns have looked longer and more vividly at photos of attractive faces than at unattractive ones. This alone shows that there are several perspectives to talk about beauty. Viewed objectively, it is always brought into a context of perfection. And this is precisely the daily task of our research at timeblock®: to find nutriceuticals – foods whose additives have a pharmacological effect – that optimize and bring out the beauty and perfection in people.



timeblock®is a brand whose principle is based on holistic vital aging. What exactly does this mean?


True beauty comes, above all, from within. A topical application with lotions, serums or creams alone is not enough to achieve the best effect. That is why timeblock® has developed the first evidence-based nutricosmetic concept that supports beauty from inside and out. A large part of our research is epigenetics. It shows that genes are anything but rigid or fateful. We know that through nutricosmetics they can be rewritten and made more active throughout a lifetime. We use this knowledge for our timeblock® concept. We combine the best topical active ingredients with special plant capsules to reactivate beauty genes. A study with 100 tested persons proves that beauty and youthful appearance can be influenced enormously by nutricosmetics.




Your cosmetic care products are equally suitable for all skin types. How does timeblock® make this possible?



Our active ingredients in the fluids have an anti-wrinkle effect, minimize pores and give an even and radiant complexion with more elasticity and firmness. These properties are simply suitable for all skin types. And in combination with timeblock® Nutrition this effect can be even more optimized.



And how does timeblock® Nutrition achieve this?


We cultivate special plants that only grow in certain areas and contain natural ingredients that are not otherwise available. We also have special patented processes for extractions without chemical substances. That makes timeblock® what it is. Our anti-aging system is the only one with a significant study situation.




The new Hair Care products complete the timeblock® range. For whom are the shampoo and conditioner particularly suitable?



For women and men who are looking for a high-quality product with benefits from unique patented ingredients. In fact, our hair products exclusively contain the active ingredient Equol, which is celebrated as a true miracle cure for hair. It strengthens the hair roots, makes hair stronger and healthier, and gives it a special shine.





What are your goals for timeblock® in the coming years?



We will expand our cultivations in the Himalayan region and work on even more innovative and effective anti-aging systems. We are also expanding our collaboration with universities and research institutes worldwide.


Date of publication: September 16th 2019

(Translated from German)