Article: A powerful formula against skin aging


Time is a valuable asset, of which we constantly have too little. All the more important are beauty rituals and products that give us just that. Thus, the label Timeblock gives our skin more time, at least when it comes to preventing skin aging. The fine emulsion “Timeblock Day” helps the skin to continuously and continuously renew its collagen and elastin production and smoothes the skin structure both from the inside and the outside. The unique formula of the finest ingredients, such as the super-antioxidant Equol and extracts of white tea, also provides protection against harmful environmental factors that may favor unwanted wrinkles – a true high-performance product.


Despite its high effectiveness, “Timeblock Day” is particularly light and gentle. Thus, the emulsion absorbs quickly and without residue after application, but not without refining the pores and leave a youthful radiance. The anti-aging cream is suitable as a daily care that counteracts the visible signs of aging with concentrated power.

(Translated from German)


Date of publication: January 30, 2019