(translated from German)


entre nous with Juerg Daniel Schmid, founder and manufacturer of timeblock®


timeblock®, a cosmetics brand based in Switzerland, very close to Basel, follows the principle of vital ageing with its active ingredients cosmetics to support beauty from inside and out. The products are intended not only to beautify the structures of the epidermis in the short term but also to counter skin problems in the long term. Juerg Daniel Schmid on the details of the concept.


Vital Aging – what exactly does it mean?

First and foremost, a holistic approach, because we know that true beauty comes from within. A topical application with creams alone is not enough to achieve the best possible effect. That’s why timeblock® offers a concept of nutricosmetics – with nutritional supplement and care products that promote beauty from inside and out. Epigenetics plays a major role in this.


Is it possible to influence genes?

Research shows that genes are anything but rigid or determine fate. With nutricosmetics, they can be rewritten and activated. In timeblock® we combine the best topical active ingredients with special plant-based capsules to trigger the beauty genes. A study with 100 tested persons proves effectiveness.


Your care products are suitable for all skin types. How is this possible?

Our active ingredients focus on anti-wrinkle effects, minimize pore size, make the complexion more elastic, firmer and evenly radiant. Properties that are suitable for all skin types.


What are the goals for timeblock® in the coming years?

We will expand our own cultivation areas for active ingredients in the Himalayan region and work on even more effective anti-ageing systems. We are also expanding our collaboration with universities and research institutes worldwide.


Release date: December 2019.

Date of publication: Winter 2019