About us

Who is Biosysteme AG?


Based in Allschwill, near Basel, Biosysteme AG and its associated companies benefit from more than 20 years of experience in research and development in the biological and biotechnological field. With an international network of researchers in Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Russia (the Urals), we ensure optimum efficiency, speed and innovation transfer in the development of new products and technologies, such as dietary supplements, pharmaceutical products, medical cosmetics and patented plant-derived active ingredients.

Juerg Schmid, Founder of Biosysteme AG

What is biotechnology?


Biotechnology involves the research into enzymes, cells and entire organisms in technological applications – combining and using knowledge from the fields of microbiology, biochemistry (chemistry), molecular biology, genetics and bioinformatics. This enables us to learn about the ageing process – the findings of which play an essential role in the development of our ingredients.

What is the philosophy behind timeblock?


The timeblock® brand positions itself on the precious feeling of well-being – a positive, perfectly balanced state of physical and mental well-being. This is characterised by a high level of vitality and productivity, as well as radiance, brought about by the body’s energy and efficient metabolic processes. timeblock® helps users to be a little more ‘themselves’ (balance), to feel more beautiful (self-esteem), to do themselves a good turn (indulgence, reward), to enjoy every period/moment in their life (acceptance, sensuality, pleasure). timeblock® users invest the luxury of time for the most important thing in life – themselves!