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General questions

Unfortunately, it is not possible to order by phone or email. If you have issues with online ordering, feel free to contact us. Our customer service employees are here to help you with your online order. Fill out the contact form or write us an email at You will mostly receive an answer within 24 hours.

If you wish to cancel your order, you can send us the email to and our customer service will guide you through the procedure.

Changes can be done within the next several hours after the order has been placed. To change your order, please send us an email to Please be aware that no changes can be made if the delivery left our facilities already.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your delivery address, once you placed an order. Nevertheless, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service employees will try their best to change your delivery address as long as the order did not leave our warehouse yet. Fill out the contact form or write us an email at You will mostly receive an answer the same day.

In case of any issues with your order, feel free to contact our Customer Service at

In our web shop, you can choose between credit card, PayPal, and Sofortüberweisung / Klarna as payment methods.

Unfortunately, paying with the debit card is not possible.

You will receive your invoice as a PDF per email first. A printed version of your invoice will be delivered to your address together with your order.

Usually, it takes 2-3 working days for your order to be delivered.

Customers do not have to pay for delivery for any timeblock® products.

No worries, the notice of the visit will be left in your mailbox. The mailman will try again the next day. In Switzerland, you will receive an email from the post and you can choose an exact time of delivery.

We are a registered official representative for the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Deliveries to Austria and Germany are done from our warehouse in Munich. For Switzerland from our warehouse in Zurich.

The shipping confirmation email will include a tracking number, with which you can follow the status of your shipment on the official DPD page.

Yes, you can return your package within 14 days. In case you have already opened the package, we reserve the right to claim compensation for already started products. If you wish to return your package, please contact our customer service at:

Depending on the payment method you chose, it takes 5-10 workdays until the money is transferred back on your account or either credit card.

Questions concerning timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION

timeblock® has completely natural ingredients and the same principle applies to the colouring agents. Colours show the difference between the Day and Night capsule clearly. Since the colours are completely natural, they sometimes react differently and tend to fade away or vary. If the colour of your capsules has changed or is different from the last purchase, this does not mean the quality is worse.

If you take the product as prescribed – 1 x Day and 1 x Night capsule you cannot overdose. We advise you to not exceed the dosage and take more than one of each capsules per day.

So far none have been reported. However, if you suffer from any allergies, please consult your physician before using timeblock®. It should not be taken by anyone suffering from allergies of any of the ingredients used in timeblock®. In general, the product is vegan, non-GMO and lactose-free (cross contamination possible).

The best results can be expected after several months of using timeblock®. As an optimum time for the first serious results, we would advise at least 6 months of timeblock® usage. Many of our customers decide to use timeblock® on a regular basis because they can feel the favourable effects it has on their body, skin and general well-being after taking timeblock® for several months.

It is not suggested for pregnant or breastfeeding women to take timeblock®. The reason for this are high amounts of ECGC (from green tea) in the product which are not optimised for pregnancy or the breastfeeding period.

It is not a problem to take the Day capsule around lunch time. We would advise you to take it some 15 minutes before your meal. However, it is not optimal to take it after 6PM, as the ECGC (green tea extract) used for the Day capsules can potentially affect your sleep.

What we highly recommend is to take the morning capsule some 15 minutes before breakfast and the evening capsule around 6 – 7 PM with your last meal. Both capsules should be taken with sufficient liquids. If you don’t like to eat breakfast, you can take the Day capsule some 15 minutes before lunch. Taking the Day capsule after 6 PM should be avoided because the ECGC from the green tea extract can potentially affect your sleep.

timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION ingredients are grown all around the world. A group of scientists who developed timeblock® experimented for over 7 years to find the perfect ingredients and the best places to grow them. They grew different ingredients in several parts of the world and came to astonishing results! The potency of active ingredients in each of the plants was dependent on the place it grew. The difference was enormous. For example, the barley grass that is in each timeblock® capsule grows in the Himalayas. When they tried to grow the same barley grass in Switzerland, by the best bio standards it had no active ingredients of Tocotrienole and PQQ unlike the barley grass from the Himalayas. It is the only scientifically proven product with the study of 120 people with proven results done by University of Vienna.

If you are taking timeblock® you get the sufficient amount of the active ingredients from green tea. For health reasons, there is no need for drinking additional green tea. However, if you are a passionate green tea drinker, we would advise you to consult with your health care professional.

For timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION a number of different superfoods are processed using our special methods. The result is a powder concentrate with a maximum of all the valuable nutrients from wheat grass, barley grass, shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes, grape seeds, green tea, marigold and algae, with added vitamins. The essential ingredients are from natural plant sources. The individual ingredients can be found on the packaging of timeblock®.

Für timeblock® werden verschiedene Superfoods mit unseren speziellen Methoden verarbeitet. Das Ergebnis ist ein Pulverkonzentrat mit einem Maximum aller wertvollen Nährstoffe aus Weizengras, Gerstengras, Shiitake-Pilzen, Tomaten, Traubenkernen, Grüntee, Ringelblume und Algen, unter Zusatz von Vitaminen. Die wesentlichen Inhaltsstoffe stammen aus natürlichen pflanzlichen Quellen. Die einzelnen Inhaltsstoffe finden Sie auf der Verpackung von timeblock®.

The wide range of ingredients is cultivated in places with the best conditions for growth. This includes locations in the Himalayas, Brazil, Tibet and different parts of Europe. After harvesting, the processing takes place very promptly to ensure the highest possible content of valuable nutrients using the latest Swiss technology. After the freeze-dry process, done by a GNP facility, the concentrated timeblock® powder is filled into vegan capsules (made of plant based cellulose) in Germany. Therefore, timeblock® is subject to the highest GNP quality controls.

The manufacturing facilities are all controlled by government quality control department each year.

timeblock® is free from chemical preservatives, including the capsule that contains no animal based substances and therefore are 100% vegan.

All the ingredients are continuously analysed for the presence of pesticides and herbicides to ensure the high-quality standards of timeblock®. The vast majority of our ingredients is grown in remote areas of the world, away from the big industrialized areas. However, timeblock® is not an organic product according to the current guidelines because each country has different organic certificates.

Please check the ingredients list on the packaging before consuming timeblock®. If you have allergies to any of the ingredients, it would be advised not to take timeblock®.

If you are continuously taking any medications, we would advise you to consult your physician before taking timeblock®.

None of the timeblock® ingredients has been tested on animals, nor are they of any animal origin. Due to this, timeblock® can be used by both vegetarians and vegans.