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timeblock® FACE CARE products are equally suitable for all skin types because they are not designed to compensate for any deficiencies in over-dry or over-oily skin. Instead, they stimulate the skin by reactivating its natural ability to regenerate.

These products stimulate the skin so that it can begin to take the best care of itself again. The length of this process is different, depending on the type of skin. Experiencing a taut sensation during the first days of treatment is a sign that the process has started to work.

Scientifically proven:

no other anti-aging cosmetic

works in this way.

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timeblock® Cleanser FACE Bluezones® 100 ml

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timeblock® DAY PROTECT Bluezones® 50 ml

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timeblock® NIGHT Serum Bluezones® 50 ml

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timeblock® 4WEEKS INTENSIVE Bluezones® 50 ml

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timeblock®FACE CARE

timeblock® FACE CARE for vitality and freshness from the inside out.

timeblock®HAIR CARE

timeblock® HAIR CARE for healthy hair down to the very roots.

timeblock® ANTI HAIRLOSS SERUM 3×20 ml

CHF 129.00 Price incl. VAT: CHF 129.00

CHF 215.00 / 100 ml

Interesting facts about the skin

The largest organ in our body, the skin is particularly complex in terms of  both composition and function. The skin forms our outer barrier, protects us, carries out important metabolic functions and is able to adapt to circumstances in many ways (e.g. the formation of calluses due to pressure, tanning from exposure to the sun). Our skin has three layers, the top layer of which renews itself on average every 27 days when new cells grow from the inside. Skin renewal declines year by year, and after the age of 55 (approx.) each renewal process takes a period of 60–70 days.


Collagen and elastin in our skin are responsible for forming an elastic net in the dermis and are responsible for the elasticity of our skin.  From a certain age, generally 25, the process of collagen renewal begins to slow down.
In other words, collagen degenerates faster than it can be replaced. Our skin becomes limper, loses tone and vitality (wrinkles) and becomes increasingly prone to drying out.


On top of this, free radicals also take their toll on our skin by constantly attacking and destroying our collagen supplies. This results in the skin becoming drier and thinner in appearance. The interlocked structure of the skin’s different layers begins to loosen. As the body matures (cosmetically speaking, we speak of mature skin from the age of 45), the fatty compounds that support the skin – padding it out and providing volume – begin to change. It often seems as though the whole face begins to droop.



The aging of our skin is nothing but a pure biological process of nature.  It is a process that no one can escape.  However, the factors that impact – if not determine – when the aging process begins and the speed at which it progresses are as diverse as the capacities and functions of our skin itself. These factors that negatively impact the appearance of our skin need to be understood before they can be positively influenced and supported. The field of biotechnological research provides fundamental findings that demonstrate the different ways in which the skin’s aging process can be influenced and determined.



Our skin tells us a lot about who we are. Over the years, environmental factors, stress and fatigue all take an increasing toll on our appearance. The skin’s natural ability to regenerate declines, the production of collagen and elastin decreases, and renewal of our skin’s stem cells slows down. The skin becomes thinner and drier, with an increasing number of wrinkles. You are able, however, to put a stop to this process. Our skin has everything it needs to regenerate on itS own – from the inside out. timeblock® lends your skin a helping hand.

All timeblock® products contain high concentrations of innovative, high-performance ingredients to counteract virtually every factor that takes its toll on cell renewal and causes our skin to age.

Every 27 days

the top of the three layers of skin renews itself.


From about 55 years

the skin renewal interval decreases annually down to 60 – 70 days.


Around the age of 25

the collagen renewal slows down.

Ingredients and their effects



Isoflavones are phytoestrogens derived, for example, from soya bean or red clover which target the same receptors as hormones, but without the side
effects. When Europeans take isoflavones (such as daidzein derived from
soya bean), certain genetic criteria need to be fulfilled before the body can convert these enzymatically, so that they can be used to improve the complexion. The plant-based ‘molecule of youth’ isoflavandiol (EQUOL) is the ‘metabolised’ form of the isoflavone daidzein.




  • counteracts the skin’s aging process by supporting and accelerating cell renewal
  • makes the skin more resistant against UV damage (no SPF)
  • contributes towards a more even complexion and generally healthier skin


It has been scientifically proven that no other anti-aging cosmetic works in this way.



White tea belongs to the family of green teas, although it is processed in a completely different way. The production of white tea is restricted to specific days. It is produced from the tea plant’s unopened young buds, which are covered in a silvery white down. The antioxidant EPIGALLOCATECHIN GALLATE is a secondary plant compound and makes up approximately one-third of the dry weight of the tea. As a natural anti-ageing compound, EGCG intercepts free radicals and minimises the damaging effect that these can have on important parts of the skin, such as the DNA, proteins and fats. .




  • counteracts the skin’s ageing process by supporting and accelerating cell renewal
  • makes the skin more resistant against UV damage (no SPF)
  • contributes towards a more even complexion and generally healthier skin


Like Q10, the recently discovered super-protein PQQ is a micro-nutrient whose antioxidant properties provide extraordinary protection against mitochondrial degradation. Mitochondria, which can number up to a thousand in any one cell, work in a similar way to a power station – providing us with the energy that our organs need to work properly. Whereas Q10 optimises functions, PQQ activates the genes that regulate the reproduction, protection and repair of mitochondria. The most exciting finding came in 2010, when it was discovered that PQQ not only protects against oxidative damage, but also stimulates the growth of new mitochondria.




  • works up to 5,000 times more effectively than other antioxidants, such as vitamin C
  • accelerates the renewal of young cells
  • leaves skin refreshed and energetic, with a radiant complexion


Malus Domestica is a new, liposomal active ingredient derived from the stem cells of the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple tree and renowned for its extraordinary longevity once picked. Because these apples can be stored for such long periods without shrivelling up or losing their fragrance, they must contain special compounds and particularly long-lasting stem cells. Indeed, it was precisely these factors that influence longevity that attracted considerable interest among researchers.


Extensive research was able to demonstrate that the active ingredient derived from the apple stem cells was able to boost vitality and longevity of skin stem cells, protect them from negative factors in the environment and delay the skin’s ageing process.  The use of plant-derived stem cells can slow down skin ageing by protecting the vital stem cells of the skin.




  • the anti-wrinkle effect of this active ingredient was proven in a clinical survey that carried out tests on 20 participants (37 to 64 years old); results revealed a visible, significant reduction in wrinkles in 100% of participants
  • the stem cells of the epidermis retain their vitality for longer, are able to form new tissue and enable the skin to regenerate
  • the skin stays younger for longer and looks considerably better and more vitalised


This microalgae-derived active ingredient is a watery extract of the biotechnologically produced microalgae Dunaliella salina. It is rich in amino acids – which regulate virtually all metabolic processes in the human body and are essential for healthy skin – and carbohydrates. Thanks to this biotechnologically produced, stress-resistant microalgae, which can survive the extreme conditions of salt lakes, this active ingredient is rich in minerals, sugars and amino acids. Furthermore, this protects and stimulates the mitochondria (the cell’s ‘power station’) to produce and release energy, which leads to an increase in the cell’s metabolic rate.




  • recharges the skin with energy
  • provides the skin with essential compounds
  • restores the natural balance and vitality of the skin
  • complexion visibly improves and the skin looks youthfully radiant and refreshed again


Because it is gently derived from plants, the essential oil we use contains nothing but natural compounds that are completely free from chemical residues and pesticides. It is 100% pure – free from the addition of synthetic ingredients, bulking agents and aromas. The steam distillation process ensures that the full range of active, natural ingredients are preserved (highest laboratory quality standard ISO 9001, quality management ISO 13485). Each oil used has a high ORAC value (oxygen radical absorption capacity). The higher the ORAC value, the more free radicals can be neutralised.




  • refines the pores
  • citrus fragrance stimulates the senses in a positive way, encourages harmony and relaxation
  • the oud oil (agarwood oil) used in timeblock® also has an invigorating effect on the senses


Peptides are the latest cosmetic superstars. In simple terms, they are organic chemical compounds of amino acids. ‘Oligo’ is a term used to refer to three to ten amino acids linked together with peptide bonds. When 100 or more amino acids are bound together in this way, we refer to this as a protein. The exact sequence of amino acids in a peptide is coded in our DNA. Peptides carry out a wide range of different functions in nature. They have anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, or act as hormones. Alongside water, peptides are the most important components of our skin.




  • plant-based polypeptides (EGF and IGF-1) stimulate cell renewal with a measurable increase in the body’s own collagen and elastin levels
  • helps to prevent the harmful effects of environmental factors on the skin
  • fine lines and wrinkles are thus visibly reduced
  • for healthy, youthfully elastic skin – from the inside out

Substances effective against all signs of skin aging

About us

Who is Biosysteme AG?


Based in Allschwill, near Basel, Biosysteme AG and its associated companies benefit from more than 20 years of experience in research and development in the biological and biotechnological field. With an international network of researchers in Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Russia (the Urals), we ensure optimum efficiency, speed and innovation transfer in the development of new products and technologies, such as dietary supplements, pharmaceutical products, medical cosmetics and patented plant-derived active ingredients.

Juerg Schmid, Founder of Biosysteme AG

What is biotechnology?


Biotechnology involves the research into enzymes, cells and entire organisms in technological applications – combining and using knowledge from the fields of microbiology, biochemistry (chemistry), molecular biology, genetics and bioinformatics. This enables us to learn about the ageing process – the findings of which play an essential role in the development of ingredients used in ‘medical cosmetics’. Basically, medical cosmetics are cosmetic products that, instead of temporarily hiding skin problems or improving the texture of the skin, have a long-term, counteractive effect. The success of medical cosmetics primarily relies on the findings and expert medical knowledge gained from biological research – the ‘springboard’ for the timeblock® COSMETICS concept.

What is the philosophy behind timeblock?


The timeblock® brand positions itself on the precious feeling of well-being – a positive, perfectly balanced state of physical and mental well-being. This is characterised by a high level of vitality and productivity, as well as radiance, brought about by the body’s energy and efficient metabolic processes. timeblock® helps users to be a little more ‘themselves’ (balance), to feel more beautiful (self-esteem), to do themselves a good turn (indulgence, reward), to enjoy every period/moment in their life (acceptance, sensuality, pleasure). timeblock® users invest the luxury of time for the most important thing in life – themselves!