Ist ein Peeling gut für Ihre Haut?

Is exfoliation good for your skin?

In early youth, our skin regenerates quickly and feels very firm and fresh. Scientific researches show that the topmost of the three skin layers renews itself every 27 days. From around 55 years of age, however, the interval of skin renewal decreases annually to 60 to 70 days. At the age of about 25 years, collagen renewal begins to slow down.

Is there anything we can do to support our skin? Fortunately, yes! You will find more benefits in the following text.

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Beauty sleep as a youth elixir – truth or myth?

Beauty sleep as a youth elixir?

It is no longer a myth that we all need our beauty sleep. We need it for a beautiful appearance and for our good health. Here you can find five tips for a better beauty sleep.

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timeblock NUTRITION mit einem

Detox at Home

There are many different variations of a seasonal detox at home. It depends on the condition of our organism, our habits, circumstances, etc. We would like to suggest something simple, effective and feasible. Find out more in the article.

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